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Mobile, Web applications, Server and Digital Communication

Posted on February 05, 2017 at 7:12 AM by Pankaj

Software Joint provides end-to-end software and technology solutions across all industries. We provide products and services crafted by experts with their authoritativeness in the field of information technology and business intelligence. Each service is crafted specifically for the client in our experts’ guidance.

We have a team of technical architects, quality analysts, iOS and Android experts to curate your services. We follow the Japanese Kanban system where experts provide services within the required time-period. The combined expertise of the team is over 500 clients in last three years.

We provide four kinds of broad services in the field of mobile, web applications, server and digital communication.

Easy Mobile App Solutions

For all kinds of mobile application solutions for iOS, Android and Windows with latest UI/UX designs by certified developers. Yes, if you would like to develop applications for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry, we have the right team for you. Various mobile app services provided by us include UI/UX design of the application interface, social media integration, Wi-Fi and GPS-enabled applications, game development and easy navigation along with data analytics and data science.

Web Applications

If you are looking for a web portal where technology meets intelligence -we have a process that not only reduces cost but also betters the product. We provide end-to-end portal development for the entire life cycle of the project that includes designing, development, testing, implementation and maintenance. We can develop portals equipped with social integration, e-commerce, CMS, data analytics, etc. If you are looking for a CRM management system, responsive designs, flash website designs – our team of experts have over 100 projects under their belt.


If you want to use open source websites like WordPress and Joomla or integrate a secure payment channel on your website, we provide servers for our clients to make their websites and applications secure from bugs and viruses. Our team of experts can customise, modify, host, and manage domains for you.

Digital Communication

No matter how strong your back-end is, the front-end attracts your clients. Thus, Software Joint has developed a team of creative designers and UI/UX experts to provide a great user experience for our clients. Our team creates professionally looking UI with mobile friendly and responsive designs.