Sleep Tight

Sounds to cut you off from messy outside reality!

Posted on February 07, 2017 at 8:13 AM by Prachi

Do you face problems having a sound sleep? Do you feel that you suffer from insomnia? Well, our team of experts have done research and thus designed a perfect application for you - Sleep Tight.

Yes, now you can sleep tightly with the help of this app. Just download and play. As simple as that! Plug your earphones and play the wind, rain, brown noise, fan and AC sounds from this application. It will cut you off from the messy outside reality and help your brain do the following with ease:

  • Sleep
  • Meditate
  • Work
  • Study

Salient features of Sleep Tight

  • Different sounds: There are eight sounds i.e. the wind, rain waterfall, brown noise, fire furnace, table fan, box fan, oven fan and air conditioner.&nbsp They can be used to sleep, meditate, work or study.
  • Sleep Cycle Management: Tracks your sleep patterns, and wakes you up intelligently and gently when its time. Reminds to sleep in time.
  • Easy installations: No need for registration, simply download the iOS and Android app and use it. We also do not use any personal data.
  • In-built timer: Why not place a timer for 30 minutes and play until you sleep? While you fall asleep, in 30 minutes, the app will stop thus saving battery.
  • In-built screen brightness: Change the brightness of the screen as per your need. The background of the application is a night sky thus relaxing your environment.

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