Solution for realtime businesses, lifestyle, health, education & banking

Posted on June 20, 2020 at 3:16 AM by Pankaj

Yowza is our premium Instant-Messaging application developed for your organisation. Yowza is useful for social networking, lifestyle, health, education and banking organisations. It is based on the Erlang OTP application and is resistant to faults. An easy plug and play, the software requires minimum setup with an easy to integerate source code guide.

If you want to establish a private/public social network in your organisation/application and are concerned about security, then do not worry as we use MySQL for user information, privacy and notifications. Furthermore, client to server connection is encrypted through SSL/TLS and runs on binary BERT protocol, spam control and DOS attack prevention layer. All

The prominent salient features of Yowza are:

Social Messaging

Useful for social networking, lifestyle, health, education and banking organisations. Supports timeline for events like on Facebook. For each post, each user can like, comment recursively.

Strong Back-end

Software is based on OTP application and resistant to faults. Client to server data is encrypted. MySQL is used for user information and data storage. Apache cassandra is used to store all long-term data, contact and message archives. Redis is used to store real-time session data, along with other preferences.

Plug and Play

Easy to use. Uses only specific resources thus minimising the setup process. It does not require large space and the user can create small groups.

Push Notifications

iOS and Android support for push notifications. Users have the power to change sound and text settings. Users can also have the option to get notifications via emails and SMS. The user can customise settings for each person.


Supports both web and mobile with an easy integration source code. iOS, Web and Android compliant application for glitch free communication between iOS, Web and Android users.

User experience

An easy user interface that supports chat, video and audio messages, IM services and loT. The user can forward messages and even edit the earlier forwarded messages. It also supports expiring, future, delayed delivery messages.

Admin Panel

Web based admin panel is built into the stock server. From here you can control users, groups, notifications and the entire erlang cluster. All the server statistics are logged and are available here along with red-line markers which need action.